Hate Crime Reporting

If you have experienced hate crime within the Westminster area and want to report it, you can do so via Stop Hate Crime.

National Hate Crime Awareness Newsletter - May 2021.

Crime Reports Statistics

If you have experienced hate crime, sexual violence or domestic abuse, you can get support from GALOP.

They also support lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system.

New Hate Crime Unit

Central West Police are piloting a new hate crime unit with effect from 1 January 2021. The unit will be a mix of officers from different strands, both detectives and uniform, from a pool of invested trailblazers with some representation and understanding of our diverse communities.

Every victim will receive contact from police and onward support. The vision is to have a passionate team of officers working on hate crime supporting victims and communities affected, improving performance around these crimes and public confidence.

Within the pilot Hate Crime Unit, investigators will work as a team alongside a Partnership PC and the Hate Crime Coordinator to ensure Hate Crime victims are listened to and supported, and that offenders are brought to justice.